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juvenile tennis tornamentLast Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of November 2014, the 11th annual National Youth Tennis Tournament was celebrated in Casa de Campo.  With the participation of more than 95 young boys and girls, the celebration of the 11th annual National Youth Tennis Tournament  set a wonderful end to this year’s activities organized by the Dominican Tennis Federation (FEDOTENIS). The friendly 2-day competition was celebrated with much enthusiasm at La Terraza Tennis Club – an event which was organized by FEDOTENIS in conjunction with Casa de Campo, with participants aged between 10 and 18 years old. Sunday was definitely a day filled with excitement, adrenaline and high expectations as the little ones played the finals in their different categories! The following collection of photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia during Youth Tennis Tournament in Casa de Campo:  Throughout the day, they played games divided into categories classified as single, double or round robin and here we share the list of winners who played in the different categories:
National Juvenil Tennis Tournament
Femenine 10 year old Category Sub Champion: María Aguayo Champion: María Castaño 12 year old Category Sub Champion: Ana de Mata Champion: María de Mella Masculino: 10 year old Category Sub Champion: Mikael Villalona Champion: Daniel Baquero 12 year old Category Sub Champion: Enmanuel Muños Champion: Andrés Mercedes 16 year old Category Sub Champion: Yeudi Villar Champion: José Diaz 18 year old Category Sub Champion: Pedro Muños Champion: Armando Gandini