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Once again, the stadium Francisco A. Micheli demonstrated why it has been acknowledged by critics as the most frolic, upbeat and festive stadium in the country.  Accommodating more than nine thousand baseball starved fanatics, the first game of the Dominican winter baseball season was a downright success.

On Friday evening, October 16th, a crowd of fervent orange fanatics gathered at the Francisco A. Micheli to witness the face off between Los Toros del Este and Las Estrellas Orientales from San Pedro de Macorís.

The inauguration ceremony was studded with national personalities and began with the majestic and very creative entrance of the madrina of Los Toros, Silvana Tirado De Soto, who came in mounted on the back of a state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz. Following which, the President of the Dominican league of baseball, Leonardo Matos Berrido handed a plaque to one of the Alou brothers, (who the tournament is dedicated to). The national anthem was sung by renowned singer and native of La Romana, José Antonio Rodríguez. The first ball was tossed by the Chancellor of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Morales Troncoso and the President of La Liga Municipal Dominicana, Amable Aristy was also present.  To conclude the ceremony, the madrinas of Los Toros and Las Estrellas (Andrea Berlida Nina Gonzalez) exchanged flower bouquets, a traditional act of the opening nights and after a very moving speech by Jesus Alou our attention was diverted towards three screens which recounted the Alou brothers’ life story.

Then the game began!

During the 2nd inning of the game, things were looking rather black for Los Toros since Las Estrellas were winning 1-0. During the 3rd inning it only seemed to get worse after an error from Chris Petit gave way to yet another run for Las Estrellas. Now Los Toros faced a possible defeat, when we gazed at the score board and saw Estrellas 2, Toros 0.

However by the 6th inning Los Toros regained confidence and resurged from their ashes. Los Toros were back doing their thing, showing off their brilliant offensive skills and their hunger to win. They achieved 4 runs, leaving Las Estrellas dazed and confused, wondering what happened, while the cheerful and hopeful Toros fans jumped up and down in their seats making infinite amounts of noise with their whistles and recycled bottles, dancing to the beat of the sticky Toros’ song, and repeating with passion:

‘‘Aqui no hay Estrellistas…Aqui to’somos Toros!’’

The offensive tactics of star players Víctor Mercedes, Mauro Gómez and Nelson Mercedes conducted the home team towards their first victory of the 2009-2010 season.

We hope it will be a season of triumph for Los Toros because not only do they deserve a championship title, but they long for it and it shows in the pitch. This team is ready for stardom!

Keep it up Guys!

This article was written by Elizabeth Marcelle Silfa, grandaughter of Francisco A. Micheli. Here at Casa de Campo Living we are very lucky to have Elizabeth writing as our official Toros reporter!