Ya, Basta! Here comes the sun!?

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Rejoice my friends! After what has felt like weeks and weeks of endless rain, which caused the Chavón river to flood, it seems that this weekend we can look forward to enjoying a largely sunny weekend!

I will be the first to admit that I am not a meteorologist (although I do have aspirations to be a TV weather girl), however I have done a little research and so am relatively confident that this weekend the Casa de Campo, La Romana and Bayahibe areas will at least see the sun over the next few days!

There are a few reasons why I believe that for this weekend at least we will be able to top up our tans poolside or at the beach:

1. ONAMET (Oficina Nacional de Meteorología), the Dominican office of weather says so!
In truth their official report says ‘VAGUADA SOBRE EL CANAL DE LOS VIENTOS ‘ which literally translated using google translate means ‘ON THE CHANNEL TROUGH OF THE WINDS.’ Which sadly doesn’t shed much light on the current or future weather, however the jist of their latest weather update is that the area of low pressure has now floated away, so although there is still a risk of thunder storms – they are much fewer!

2. It’s SUNNY! Look out of the window and if you’re lucky you will see that it is still sunny!
(Disclaimer: If it is no longer sorry than I cannot be held responsible.)

3. Victoria’s Secret Models are coming to Casa de Campo this weekend for the Dewars 12 Golf Tournament and it would just be tragic to have such gorgeous women hiding underneath umbrellas and raincoats – wouldn’t it be soo much nicer if they were prancing about enjoy the sun in tiny string bikini’s?

So there you have it – your Casa de Campo Living weather guru says it will be sunny this weekend – so go out and frolic! Why not take advantage of the sun to enjoy some Casa de Campo golf or relax by the pool of your Casa de Campo villas? Alternatively if you’re looking for a little adventure, I recommend you go try SUP (Stand Up paddle Boarding) in Bayahibe – it’s awesome!

P.S This does not mean Hurricane Season is over, so if you want to learn a little more about Hurricane Season and all the weather systems and jargon that accompany it, click here!


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