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Every year the Fundacion MIR hosts the Retiro Carismatico, which in English translates to ‘charismatic retreat,’ but would be more accurately translated as a spiritual retreat. The aim of this retreat is to open the hearts of the people, embrace religion and impart and share biblical knowledge.

From personal experience in the past, I’ve felt that this event gives me access to a whole new spiritual level. No wonder it’s so successful!

The retreat is open to everyone; children, teenagers and adults, and is of course completely free!

The program is as follows:

Friday 2nd October

  • Opening @ 6pm

Saturday 3rd October

  • Talks – starting @ 8.30am
  • Mass for the healing of the sick @ 6pm

Sunday 4th October

  • Talks – starting @ 8.30am thru 11.30am
  • Closing mass @ 12.30pm

All activities are going to be held at Cacique Conference Centre at the Casa de Campo hotel. However, the mass for the healing of the sick is going to be held at the Club San Martin de Porres in Las Piedras.

Free transport is offered departing from el Obelisco, in La Romana town.

For more information call the following numbers

  • Fundacion MIR – 809-523-8270
  • Casa de la Anunciacion -809-556-9449