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Las Pailas Casa de CampoMost of us know Xioma Matos as the president of the Hogar del Niño education and day care center in La Romana. Well did you know that this super woman is also a proud mom of 4 children and has just embarked on a new project – Las Pailas. Las Pailas is an exclusive new development located in the heart of Casa de Campo that consists of 5 properties, with Xioma Matos functioning as the Sales Coordinator working very closely with the architect Francisco Feaugas and the engineer Guillermo Strofer. While the landscaping is being done by Lowell Whipple and Ana and Clara Portela, who also did the landscaping for the Los Altos neigborhood of Casa de Campo.


Lowell Whipple, Xioma Matos, Las Pailas It all started after Hurricane Georges in 1998, when Xioma started working on the development of El Ingenio. Working together with the architect Francisco Feaugas and engineer Guillermo Strofer, Xioma’s role was not only to sell the houses, but also to work on the ground directly with the clients to create their dream villa in Casa de Campo. “It was a lot of fun for me. I really loved doing it,” Xiomara told Casa de Campo Living, and the project proved such a success that the same team then went on to develop El Batey. “We sold from the floor plans, so we could make all the adjustments the clients desired. If you go into the houses of Ingenio or Batey you can see that they are all different inside,” Xioma explains. “It’s like magic, planning something with the client and the architect and then seeing it become a reality is really an amazing experience,” she added.


Today the dream team – Xioma, Francisco and Guillermo – are back together, and work is already well underway on Las Pailas. “We call ourselves the dream team because we have a synergy working together, our main goal is creating the dream house for our clients” explained Xioma.

Francisco Feaugas, Xioma Matos and Guillermo Strofer Francisco Feaugas, Xioma Matos and Guillermo Strofer

Francisco and Guillermo had already started the project when they called Xioma, and despite all her other commitments, she simply couldn’t resist the temptation to get involved, “I really fell in love with the architecture and the concept”. Francisco Feaugas, Xioma Matos, Las PailasSo now the project is going full steam ahead with Xioma taking control of the sales, as well as working closely with her partners on the design and overseeing the construction process. To start with, a model house (right) is being built and is already more than 50% completed with the termination date set for September of this year. Meanwhile the other 4 villas are for sales from the floor plans. “Once someone has decided on the house, we get together with the architect and the engineer and we lay everything out, we consider all the options and figure out what the buyer wants to add in or change,” said Xioma. “That’s what makes it special, you can customise it,” she added.

The Project

While each of the Las Pailas villas will be unique and can be customised to meet the clients needs, they all have the following in common: Great location At the heart of Casa de Campo, once completed, Las Pailas will become part of the Barranca neighborhood, with the three forward lots located on their own private road while the back two will be on main Barranca road. All are within easy walking distance of the La Terrazza tennis club, but “because of the landscaping, you won’t be able to see the tennis, but you will be able to walk there”. Another great advantage of this location is the breezy micro-climate, “here you also have a breeze, even at noon. I live in Barranca so I know. The temperature is lower than the villas closer to the water.” View All 5 properties will have a sea view. The forward 3 locations are the premier lots with an unobstructed 180 degree view of the Caribbean ocean, while the back two lots “will have ocean view in between the front houses. The houses are set so that they don’t spoil the view, you won’t see the street or cars from, you’ll just see all green and then the ocean.” 

Gorgeous sea view from Las Pailas in the Barranca, Casa de Campo ocean view, Las Pailas Casa de Campo

Modern and Eco-Friendly Design Designed by Francisco Feaugas, who has more than 20 years experience working in Casa de Campo, the 5 villas of Las Pailas are “eco-green”, which means “if people want solar panels the design allows for that, and the air conditioning is also done in a modern way to minimise energy consumption”. While in addition, great care has been taken to incorporate the beauty of the tropics inside, “Francisco always likes to have the water and the green of outside inside, so inside of the house we will have a pergola coming in, but with a ceiling, so you will have your plants coming into the house, as well as a water feature.” You dream it, we build it!  Just as the projects slogan suggests, all the model houses of Las Pailas can be customised to suit the clients needs and wants. For example, “the living area is really designed so that you can do whatever you want. You can close your dining area, add the terrace area to the house, literally whatever you want”. You can also add extra bedrooms, jacuzzis in the master suites, a service kitchen and even a guest house – among endless other options. Xioma While it seems odd to classify Xioma Matos as a unique featured offered by each of the Las Pailas villas, Xioma is perhaps the most valuable asset. You see, in addition to sales and marketing, Xioma’s role is to please the client. Many people dream of designing and building their own villa, but the task of actually doing it can be overwhelming. “I make it easy”, says Xioma Matos. From start to finish, Xioma is there at the clients side leading them through all the different decisions and is on site everyday overseeing the construction, “I have an office on site, so I can really keep on eye on it.”

The models

Although the model villas can be customised in an endless number of ways, here are the 2 basic options:
Model A Las Pailas Casa de Campo
  • Lot size between 2,434m2 to 2,489 m2, approximately 900 to 1300 m2 of construction
  • Covered parking for 2 cars
  • 4 bedrooms including 2 masters
  • Pool, deck and gazebo
  • Guest bath in the pool area
  • Large open plan dining and living area
  • Ocean view between the front Las Pailas houses
From US$2.4 million  Model B Las Pailas Casa de Campo
  • Lot size between 2,396m2 to 2,435 m2, approximately 900 to 1300 m2 of construction
  • Extensive indoor and outdoor water features
  • Covered parking for 2 cars
  • 4 bedrooms including 2 masters
  • Pool, deck and gazebo
  • Guest bath in the pool area
  • Large open plan dining and living area
  • Walk-in closest
  • Unobstructed sea view
Price depends upon design consultation. [nggallery id=1914]
Have you always dreamed of building your own villa in paradise? Then perhaps Las Pailas is for you! Contact Xioma Matos today and she will be very happy to take you on a guided tour.

Las Pailas Casa de CampoLas Pailas

A new, eco-friendly, modern and sea view development in the Barranca neighborhood of Casa de Campo. Xioma Matos, custom home specialist (809) 855-9009 How to get to Las Pailas? Las Pailas