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Wrinkle blasting and pampering at Shine!

rebecca hughes

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rebecca hughesWRINKLES!! Yuk! As time goes on, these nasty things -wrinkles- start to creep into our lives, and there is almost nothing we can do about it! But Shine Concept Store in Altos de Chavón has a solution for us – the LPG machine and some seriously chilled out pampering!

Recently I popped into Shine for a serious pampering session. Normally I don’t treat myself, but my hair was starting to look seriously bedraggled so I didn’t have much choice – and so at the insistence of Yovanka Saladin, one of the owners and founder of Shine I let the experts of Shine take over and revive my look.

LPG MachineWe started with the “LPG Machine” (modeled right by Beba). This “miracle” machine uses a fast vibration technique to stimulate your cells – so that they start to produce more collagen – which is what keeps our face elastic and wrinkle-free when we are younger, but something we start to loose as we get older – hence the appearance of wrinkles. Before giving it a go I wasn’t convinced, however, the process is completely painless, natural and actually rather relaxing, so although I am yet to see any results (you wouldn’t expect to after just 1 session) – I would give it another go.

You too can give it a go now – at 30% off! Throughout May in celebration of Mother’s Day, Shine is selling the package of 10 (45 minute) sessions for US$350 or RD$14,000. In your first session the “médico fisiatra”, Glenny Germann (who is excellent), will talk to you about what you want to achieve and help you plan a course of action. Depending on what you want and your needs – you may have your sessions on consecutive days, once every 48 hours, twice a week etc. This way you can hope to see the best results.

As soon as I find the time – I plan on doing my 10 sessions with “before” and “after” shots – so you can judge for yourselves the results.

shine concept store

Next the ladies of Shine, took me into their capable hands, refreshed me with some fresh pineapple juice and got to work on my hair and nails.

rebecca hughes

The team at Shine really are excellent at making you feel relaxed and like a princess, as they snipped, painted, colored, washed, and blow dried the took care of my every need and whim – from fetching water and magazines to helping me with my sandals and answering the phone with wet nails.

By the end of it all, my skin felt great – perhaps I was feeling results of the LPG machine after all – my hair soft, silky and smooth and perfectly styled and my nails a gorgeous (and very sexy) red!

Thank you Shine!

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