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“Wow, that’s HUGE!” Reverse Caption Contest!

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DEAR CCL READERS: It has come to our attention that we had a few issues with our email address [email protected], which prohibited your emails from being delivered. We have since solved the problem and request that any email sent be re-sent. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Everyone’s seen these wonderful ‘create a caption’ things everywhere – even on CNN! Thus, in an effort to have a little fun and interaction with YOU, our readers, we are starting a monthly reverse caption contest!

The basics are as follows:

We provide YOU with a caption, and YOU submit a funny, Casa de Campo related photo that YOU think best captures the spirit of the caption! Send your photos by email to [email protected], they will be screened by US – the Casa de Campo Living team and then if deemed suitable (i.e not widely inappropriate) we will publish them and announce a winner!

The winning entry will receive a gift voucher for 50 minute massage at the Cygalle Healing Spa.

This month’s caption is:

“Wow, that’s HUGE!”

Deadline for entries is September the 31st

Stuck for ideas? Check out the photos below: a few of OUR best interpretations of this month’s caption!


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