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World-famous Posturologist Prof. Gustavo Bruschi is back in Casa de Campo for his 4th Holiday Season!

gustavo bruschi

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gustavo bruschiThe Cygalle Healing Spa in Casa de Campo is once again very proud to have Prof. Gustavo Bruschi, a world-famous posturologist, giving private sessions all through the holiday season until end of January.

Gustavo Bruschi’s unique method, of studying the cause and origin of postural problems which cause back pain and creating a individual treatment and maintenance plan has proven so popular in the past that Bruschi is now back with us for the 4th consecutive year – so if you have a niggling back problem or would like some help improving your posture, Gustavo is here to help you out!

To get a special package for a great price or to try one session, just call the Cygalle Healing Spa, EXT: 8529/5665

The following information was provided by Prof. Gustavo Bruschi:

Brief biography of Prof. Bruschi

From Porto Cervo 
Professor Gustavo Bruschi played in Porto Cervo since 1985, as quinesiólogo, posturologo and chiropractor, specializes in physical-motor rehabilitation, active and passive, of the spine. He holds rehabilitation centers in Ferrara, Milan, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. 
From the year 2000 begins to apply a global postural rehabilitation technique, a fact which, with movements only the results did not keep chiropractors in time this way, Professor Gustavo Bruschi has perfected a technique of postural examination in order, above all, to individuate the causes of unrest thus allowing you to speak with a technique of manipulation and manipulative that tends to restore the previous balance of pain. The successive step of this technique is the application of a work plan consistent with the goal of recreating the musculo-skeletal balance to maintain results over time, indicating the patient also what were the causes that discomfort, inviting him well, to keep those acknowledgments of position and power to help you have the time, the certainty of an optimal health status. Prof. Gustavo Bruschi also has conducted seminars on the prestigious golf and chiropractic, during which he has revealed significant postural faults in technique golfers, perfecting some techniques that tend to limit the stress on the body parts used in this sport. This research not only has to prevent possible damage, but also can enhance the swing, as it increases the mobility of the neck, shoulders and spine, often with immediate results. 
The global postural rehabilitation technique adopted by Professor Gustavo Bruschi has proved successful to assess, inform, treat and train not only golfers but also any person athlete or not.

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