Workplace Jewelry

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Workplace Jewelry

We all love jewelry and we like to show our personality through it. But what happens when our career or workplace doesn’t allow us to be as creative as we would like? How can we keep our essence and personality without breaking the rules of the workplace?

Many of us have the good fortune to have creative careers, and better yet, many of us are our own bosses and can be a little more flexible when it comes to wearing jewelry for work. But for others, this week I bring you some tips that will help you know what type of jewelry to use for work and how much is appropriate.

Jewelry for Work

Garnish not decorate

The best way of doing this is to choose some small pieces of jewelry such as a ring, small earrings and a watch, or a large piece like a statement necklace or several necklaces to create a layered effect, or a big ring as long as you don’t wear it with earrings or bracelets.

Zero noise

Colliding and clinking bracelets and earrings are certainly not for the office!

Use a watch

It should not be an expensive watch, but by wearing one we let people know we are responsible and our mindful of the time.

Less is more

Don’t exaggerate with several pieces. Keep the elegance. We can use some small diamond or pearl earrings.

Show your personality

As long as you don’t lose the essence of the professional image you want to project in your workplace. Here I give you some ideas to help you be you while also looking professional:

Statement rings: Can be used if you do not have much brightness. The “stackable” rings are a good choice and you can play around with the colors and shapes.

Statement earrings: Are a good idea because they frame your face nicely. Just make sure they don’t make any noise and don’t interfere when you answer the phone

A simple necklace with a pendant: It can be a necklace of sentimental value or simply one you love.

A brooche: this would be one of the best ways to show your personality, because as I said in the previous tip; There brooches of all shapes and styles.

Follow these tips and you’ll look great and elegant both inside and outside of work!

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