Casa de Campo, second main gate

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Casa de Campo, second main gate

One year ago, we, Casa de Campo Living, brought you the exciting news that Costasur was planning to open a “second main gate” for the Casa de Campo resort… Now a year later you may be wondering what has happened to the project, well we bring you good news – work is underway and it will be open soon (ish)!

The new “second main gate” will be located at the junction of the La Romana – Casa de Campo airport on the Autopista de Coral highway and will connect to the resort at the security gate leading up to Altos de Chavón, close to the Barranca Este and Las Cañas neighborhoods. You can see exactly where on the map below. The opening of this new “second main gate” will make getting into and out of Casa de Campo much quicker and convenient, especially for residents living in the more “northern” areas such as Altos de Chavón. So how’s progress?

OK so while we don’t have any official news or dates, we can tell you a few things.

1. Work is underway!

How do we know this? Well we have seen it with our own eyes, first of all, just after the security gate leading onto the main road to Altos de Chavón, you can see quiet clearly that work has started to clear that area – which is where the road from the new entrance will lead into the resort.

And we have also seen work underway from the other side. When you are driving on the Autopista de Coral from Casa de Campo or La Romana in the direction of Bayahibe or Punta Cana, and you are passing the La Romana – Casa de Campo airport on your left, on the right side you can see a path has been cleared directly through, which is where the road will whizz us all directly into paradise. That’s the image you see at the top of the page.

2. A little bird told us

On a recent Friday evening while enjoying a delicious fried fish with mojitos at El Cafecito de la Cubana, one of our friends who works for Costasur in the planning department, confirmed that yes work is underway and that it should be open at some point next year, hopefully early next year.

So hopefully by this time next year it’ll be open and we’ll be whizzing in and out to the La Romana – Casa de Campo airport in less than 5 minutes, off to Bayahibe faster than you can say “fancy some fried fish and mojitos”, to Punta Cana in a blink of an eye and to Santo Domingo faster than Speedy Gonzalez!

casa de campo gate

Map of Casa de Campo and the “second main gate”