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Who will win the Silver Cup Finals of the Casa de Campo Polo Challenge 2022?

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The finalists for the Silver Cup were defined last week when La Carmela, won the first semi-finals against La Espada 12-9 on Tuesday, February 15th and Casa de Campo defeated Costasur 12-6 the following day. The Silver Cup finals will take place THIS Saturday, February 26th at 4:00 pm in Casa de Campo.

The first cup of the season saw eight incredible teams who competed for the Silver Cup featuring the best polo players; the Casa de Campo La Suiza, McDonalds 3J Team, La Carmelia, La Carbuccia, Costasur, La Romanza -40 Goles, La Espada- La Bienvenida, and Ganadera Nepora. 

The Subsidiary finals were played on February 12th; It was a tough and very exciting game, with both teams being quite close and exchanging goals in equal parts throughout the match. In the end, MCD3J defeated La Romanza by 10-9, winning the first trophy of this year’s polo season, and Santos Rueda winning game MVP.

The Casa de Campo Polo Challenge is being organized by Dr. Fernando Arata, Casa de Campo’s Polo Director who has predicted that this year’s Casa de Campo Polo Challenge will be a success and that it will become a must-see event for all Dominicans, foreigners, and the general public. 

This year’s Silver Cup has been exceptionally great, with great matches all around and we are sure the rest of the season will only get better!

We hope to see you there enjoying another one of Casa’s fun activities! 

Silver Cup Finals – CDC vs La Carmela

When: Saturday, February 26th

Time: 4:00pm

Where: Polo Field, Casa de Campo

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