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What is Reflexology? It’s much more than just a foot massage…

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foot reflexology

Reflexology is a technique of treating the entire body by massaging reflex points in the feet and occasionally the hands.  Foot massage is an ancient technique – there are Egyptian tomb paintings depicting reflexology and it is documented in the Vedic texts of India which date back over 5000 years. Modern reflexology dates back to 1902 when Dr William Fitzgerald introduced ‘zone therapy’. Echoing the Chinese philosophy of Meridians or energy channels, Fitzgerald theorized that the body’s energy flowed along channels ending in reflex points in the feet and hands. He found that because all parts of the body are linked by these channels, pressing one area could produce an anaesthetic or healing effect in another. Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham took his theories further by maintaining that all parts of the body, including internal organs, could be treated by manipulating points on the feet alone.

Today reflexology has become hugely popular partly because it is non-invasive, only the bare feet are manipulated while the client lies back fully clothed and partly because it is an extremely relaxing and beneficial treatment. The therapist applies finger and thumb pressure over points in the entire foot which represent the various organs, bones and muscles of the body. Imagine that your big toe is your head, your arch is your waistline and your heel is the base of your spine. By stimulating relevant points, the therapist eases tension, dissolves blockages and boosts the circulation of energy, blood and lymph to and from the organs. The congestion sometimes feels like granular crystals underneath the skin, which is broken down and dispersed. The zone may feel sensitive afterwards ranging from mildly tingling to more tender. Afterwards the feeling ranges from feeling like running a marathon to crawling into bed and taking a long and deep nap, both are excellent results! As reflexology also stimulates toxic elimination there may be a need to urinate more during the day or have extra perspiration. Most people feel the full benefits the day after.

kira1Reflexology is one of the therapies offered at Ki-Ra Centro Holistico in La Romana and is highly recommended for everybody. We have seen particular results in health and energy maintenance; digestive issues and constipation; fluid retention; menstrual cramps and irregularities; menopausal symptoms; stress; fatigue; migraines; skin problems and all chronic diseases. It is a wonderful way to spend 1 ½ hours of your day!

This article has been contributed by Kyra Montague, who runs the Ki-Ra Centro Holistico in La Romana. For more information and contact details for the Centro Holistico click here.

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