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Weekend getaway: How to pack for your next trip!

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Weekend getaways are like mini-vacations; they refuel our creative spirit, allow us to unwind from tough work weeks, and give us an excuse to be a little more adventurous than usual. Maybe you decide to hit the beach, put on your rash guard and finally try out surfing, or you’re in the mood to kayak or white water raft down one of the country’s beautiful rivers. Let’s say, city night life is calling your name, or you’re looking for the kind of peace of mind that only the tops of the mountains can bring. Regardless of where you’re going, here’s a checklist to help you along because forgetting something just ain’t fun…

Skincare — Sunscreen is a must! No matter how accustomed you are to the Dominican Republic’s rays a little SPF goes a long way in keeping you looking younger and lasting longer outdoors. Choose a non-greasy product that won’t make you break out and that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Don’t forget mosquito repellent— recently I’ve fallen for Vape Derm Herbal wipes that are refreshing and don’t carry a strong smell. Bring a simple bar of soap for the shower, fragrance washes are chock-full of chemicals!

Comfy Shoes — Plan on dancing this weekend? Pack a pair of comfy heels that won’t leave you crying in the corner one hour in. If water sports are your thing, I suggest some rubber-soled water shoes because slipping on icy rocks and stepping on sea urchins just isn’t my thing— and I’ve done both! Sneakers and/ or cute sandals are always a go-to, you never know when you’re going to be inspired for a quick run or spend an afternoon walking through a quintessential neighborhood.

Shades & Headwear — I love my Persol’s but I’m not about to take them with me in the ocean. Let’s just say I’ve lost a few too many eyewear that way over the years. Packing some cheap but cute sunnies are essential, and a sun hat, ball cap, or fedora keep you from squinting those precious blues and from looking like Rudolph after being outdoors.

Clothing — Packing isn’t exactly a no brainer. Don’t leave home without: a swimsuit (might as well be a permanent staple in your car because you just never know), pair of jeans, casual shorts that mix with well with a variety of blouses, beach cover up or wrap, and comfy dress or romper that doesn’t wrinkle. Also, I like to bring a pashmina for protecting my arms against the sun or for snuggling up with on nights with a cool breeze. Us ladies can easily get carried away with our wardrobes, but honestly a lighter suitcase makes me happier and doesn’t make me look like I’ve planned a trip to Europe. Remember a bag for your laundry and waterproof bag for swimwear if there’s no time to dry.

Products— Don’t weigh yourself down with heavy shampoo and conditioner. If your favorite beauty products aren’t travel friendly, opt for some reusable containers that can make the journey. Plus, carrying a waterproof bag to the beach or aboard a boat is an excellent idea— a cell phone or camera falling into the ocean quickly takes away the high of a mini-vacay.

The saying, “The Dominican Republic has it all” isn’t an overstatement! Go up to the mountains or down to the coast, trek through the wilderness or live it up in the city. There’s a lot to do and see, so make your weekends count! … Oh and one last thing, can I come along?


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