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Casa de Campo Living and Carmen Sol NEW YORK are very pleased to announce that we can now include 3 more JUICY GIRLS!

Yesterday we announced the 15 JUICY girls and 1 JUICY boy who had been selected to help us host our up-coming event “A Night of High Fashion hosted by the JUICY GIRLS” taking place this Saturday the 26th of December. More information on the event here.

Since then we have discovered that a number of the chosen girls have their own JUICY Couture tracksuits and so they will not need to borrow ours – which means we have 3 extra tracksuits and so need 3 more JUICY GIRLS!!!!

The following girls have been selected by the Carmen Sol NEW YORK and Casa de Campo Living team as our Juicy finalists.

HELP US DECIDE WHO TO CHOOSE! Please leave a comment below explaining why you or someone you know would make a good JUICY GIRL!

(Only 1 comment per person!)

The finalists are:

Betty Santana        Thalia Ramirez      Nicole Caslini

Oriana Lineweaver     Madeline Paris   Bellerine De La Cruz

Mariella Matar        Lizbeth Mejia        Laura Torres


Amerika Pujol

CHOOSE YOUR JUICY GIRL – leave your comments below!

The last three JUICY GIRLS will be announced tomorrow. Remember to be a JUICY GIRL you MUST be available THIS Saturday the 26th of December from 6pm.