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We just passed the 500 members mark on our Facebook Page!

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While 500 Facebook page members is not as major of a milestone, as was reaching our 400th article or welcoming our 30,000th visitor, we decided it was about time we took a moment to pat ourselves, and our team, on our respective backs! While we consider this a testament to how Casa de Campo Living ( has grown over a few short months, we know it is entirely thanks to our readers and our wonderful team of contributors!

While surpassing 500 members on our Facebook page ( is only an arbitrary milestone, it still means a lot to us that so many people have been (and stayed) interested in our work. Hip hip hooray!

A little about us

Casa de Campo Living, or CCL as we like to call it, was originally started as a simple solution to a simple question – What’s going on in Casa de Campo? Since we started Casa de Campo Living, our goal was to work with our community to bring everyone a little closer together, we are after all, all neighbors.

Not so simple as it turns out. Over the years Casa de Campo has grown from the sleepy little retreat that it once was, evolving into a vibrant community, with many villa owners, residents, events, businesses and activities all constantly in motion and offering something special

Share your passion, become involved

We want you! Really! CCL is possible because of the contribution of articles, tips, ideas and enthusiasm of our community and we would love any inspiring writers, photographers or generally inspired and passionate members of our community to step up to the plate and become a member of our team. To get in touch with us, leave a comment or shoot us an email to [email protected].

What are you passionate about? Do you want to share your tips about the Teeth of the Dog? Share some thoughts on decorating a villa? Provide insights on the best month to go deep-sea fishing? Share photos of your recent event or party! Recommend and review some of your memorable experiences in Casa de Campo, the Dominican Republic or the world!

Business owners are also invited to contribute to CCL, though are encouraged to always adhere to a simple rule ’stick to what is of interest to the villa owners, residents and aficionados of Casa de Campo.

Contributors, Collaborators and Co-conspirators

In a few short months, we have come a long way, and have received a lot of help in the process, for which we are incredibly thankful for! To this end we would like to take a moment to thank a few people whom have made a real impact on the success of Casa de Campo Living:

Jacqueline Banks, Rebecca Hughes, Vivian Dickson-Morato, Ana Pereyra, Maria Cotarelo, Patricia Peguero, Luis Aybar, Rafael Aybar, Sarah Pelegrin, ERH Marine, Emilio Robba, Sabrina Rey, Nestor Caro, Necker Caro, Alexis Medina, Xiomara Matos, Sandra Alvarado, Karen Santana, Rodolfo Bournigal, Ana Alba, Zumaya Cordero, Ginnette D’Adesky, Danilo Vicioso, Martha Victoriá, Steven Kaplan, Ricardo Bello Cardona, Salome Ureña, Luis Oviedo, Julio Zeller, Janette Sanchez-Lopez, Gilles Gagnon, Merrillee Gagnon, Rosario Pilar, Rosanna Ramirez, Cygalle Diaz, Aleco Azquetta, Alex Yarura, Arabelle del Pilar Rosario, Monica Ricco, Alexia Bermello, Patricia Proaño, Rafid Ynirio, Sean Ferguson, Ivonna Sosa, Fátima Renedo, Mayra Gonzalez, Nellyta Saba, Alicia Varela, Alicia Novo Varela, Phillip Bucher, Gabino Guzman, Bianca Maritza Julian Brito, American Airlines and the many more wonderful people whom we’ve surly left out, but whom have had an impact so far!

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We respect your Privacy!

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