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Water is essential for life. On March 22, World Water Day is commemorated, the United Nations tells us that “Humanity needs water: A drop of water is flexible. A drop of water is powerful. A drop of water is more necessary than ever. ”

This liquid must be the world’s most valuable element as is air, since we can not live, grow plants, nuture animals without it; the world would be a great desert without life. And although planet Earth is 70% water, the vast majority is salt water, only 3% of the earth’s water is drinkable, and most of it is ice at the poles.

Drinking water helps us to be healthy, aids in digestion, to maintains muscle mass, helps us cool our body and helps transport oxygen between the cells of our body. Depending on age, the state of health and its nutrition, the percentage of water that the human body has can vary it oscillates between 50 and 70%.

In many countries of the world you can get drinking water and suitable for consumption by just turning the tap in our kitchens and bathrooms, this is due to the treatment and care given not only to the water but also to the aqueduct system, this so that the water that reaches each of the houses is not only good for hygiene, watering the plants or cleaning, but also to preserve life. Currently we are not able to consume tap water in our country, but we can count on Agua el Eden. They are able to bring us filtered drinking water directly to our homes with just one call.

Remember that water is an essential element of sustainable development, promotes the welfare of the population and our pets. It is essential to maintain our health and well-being.

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