Altos de Chavon

Watch out for the rising fashionistas from Altos de Chavon!

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Not being involved in the fashion scence, I’ll warn you that this is not my forte. Nevertheless, I felt strongly that it was time to say a little something about the Chavon School of design, affiliated with the New York Parsons School of Design, which many residents take for granted, and many visitors scaresly know even exists. In the future we’ll take you on tours of the school and interview some of the graduates, teachers and administration. Today, I would simply like to take a moment to congradulate all the graduates of the school who showed their tremendous tallent during last weeks Moda Dominicana, in Santo Domingo.

The (DR) web was filled to the brim with article, interview, gossip and many many photos of the show. And what a show it was. Designers young and old, fresh and experienced showed their stuff in an ongoing battle for dominance of the catwalk. While there was so that was truly exceptional, two designers really stood out – both graduates of the Chavon School of design nonetheless. These designers where Nicole Dickson and Carla Carbonell, whose designs really stood out and raised the overall standard of the event.

We will thus try to reach both designers and get the inside scoop, as it where, on their thoughts, inspirations and what it felt to be at the top of so much talented competition.

For additional coverage of the event (in español):

First and last images show designs by Nicole Dickson.
Middle image shows designs by Carla Carbonell.

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