WAO Gallery & Cultural Center located in Altos de Chavón will inaugurate on July 22 the exhibition “Under the Caribbean Sea – The Antillean Manatee” in collaboration with the Dominican Foundation for Marine Studies (Fundemar).

We are invited to immerse ourselves in the adventure back to the sea of ​​Pepe, Juanita, and Lupita. And that, through them, we learn about this critically endangered species, the Antillean manatee, the habitats it uses, and its current situation in the country.

Manatees are large marine mammals (3.5 m), gray in color, with a spoon-shaped tail. They have two arms, called flippers, with three or four claws on each. Their heads and faces are wrinkled with whiskers on their snouts. Lens professionals Marvin del Cid, Melanie Müller, Ariel Contreras, Rachel Plekaniec, Julie Piron, and Rita Sellares achieve impressive images of the Manatees in the area.

The exhibition includes 65 full-color photographic works with which these artists pay homage to “El Manatí Antillano”, and will be up in both rooms of WAO Gallery. The exhibition will remain open from July 22 to August 8 from Wednesday to Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Capacity is limited, RSVP here