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Within the exhibitions of 2022, WAO Gallery Cultural Center located in Altos de Chavón, continues to present to the country and the world works and exhibitions of great Dominican and international artists, in addition to providing the opportunity for new artists to show their works.

On June 17th, the exhibition “CAIDA” by Joaquín Basanta will be inaugurated, a visual artist with a focus on ink drawings as a physical medium and digitally treated visual compositions, cataloged as an important promise for Dominican art by art critics Marianne de Tolentino and Delia Blanco.

Through this exhibition, the artist wants to achieve his fundamental objective, the vision of the female silhouette, her nudity, and parts, which he has endowed with drama, such as the face, the torso… However, we do not see an absolute line, images of the flora, fauna, psyche, and other connotations have been integrated into the proposal with which the observing public is made to interact and question environmental, metaphysical, and philosophical aspects … from the sober shades of black and white to the careful degradation of grays.

With a technique that borders on obsessive and pristine perfection, ink drawing on paper, Joaquín Basanta brings a new perspective from drawing, deep, irreverent, and sophisticated to the proposals of current Dominican art.

A total of 28 pen, felt and ink drawings on paper immediately attract us due to the special suggestive capacity of their visual richness, adorning the main room of WAO Gallery. The exhibition will be presented from June 17 to July 4 from Wednesday to Monday from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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About the artist Joaquin Basanta

(1996) Visual artist with a focus on ink drawings as a physical medium and digitally treated visual compositions. Active artist and exhibitor with a portfolio of work available upon request.