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Last Friday, July 21st, WAO Gallery & Cultural Center in Altos de Chavón opened the art exhibition “Bachata de Humo y Flores.” The show features works by Spanish artist Carlos Alvares Las Heras.

The event attracted a lively and enthusiastic crowd, gathering from 7 pm well into the night, creating an atmosphere filled with appreciation for both the artworks and the talented artist himself. Attendees had the unique opportunity to converse with Carlos Alvares Las Heras, exchanging ideas and perspectives on their creative processes while celebrating Dominican culture.

The exhibition consists of 15 artworks, each seemingly dancing to the rhythm of bachata music, in constant dialogue with the environment: the Caribbean atmosphere, the warmth, and the audience’s admiration.

The artworks invited viewers to analyze the intricate figures and symbols representing the complexities of 21st-century society, juxtaposing themes of detachment, irony, and superficiality against the vibrant colors of the tropics and the exuberant embrace of nature. Through this captivating fusion, the genuine messages behind the pieces remained veiled, inviting spectators to ponder and contemplate.

The WAO Gallery team skillfully executed the curation and installation of the exhibit. At the same time, the opening remarks were delivered by Margarita González Auffant, the curator, alongside artist Carlos Álvarez Las Heras.

For those eager to dive deeper into the artist’s world, Carlos Álvarez Las Heras will offer a guided tour and commentary of his exhibition on July 28, starting at 7 p.m.

Behind the scenes, Patronato Benéfico Oriental, Inc. (PBO) has been a driving force in supporting sustainable initiatives with a social impact aimed at promoting culture and complementing their existing programs. Among these initiatives are the WAO Innovación HUB, WAO Gallery & Cultural Center, and the Museo Arqueológico Regional Altos de Chavón in Altos de Chavón.

The proceeds generated from various projects and activities are directed towards funding their social programs, allowing them to replicate these initiatives in vulnerable communities as part of PBO’s community empowerment programs. These efforts promote respect, solidarity, integrity, and equal opportunities, aligning with its mission.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience “Bachata de Humo y Flores” yet, don’t miss it. The exhibition will remain open from July 21st to August 21st, welcoming visitors from Wednesday to Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm, and on Tuesdays and Sundays from 9 pm to 5 pm.

Head to WAO Gallery & Cultural Center in Altos de Chavón for an experience that promises to be visually stunning and socially impactful. Let’s celebrate art, culture, and community together.

Find below photos taken by Mairobi Herrera during the opening night on July 21st: