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Walkabout Foundation brings integration to La Romana

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walkaboutThere is certainly nothing more beautiful than watching the impossible become possible. Once again, the Walkabout Foundation brings nothing more than joy and hope for disabled young members of the La Romana community, among them many who thought their dreams of playing a sport was impossible.

walkabout foundation“Before we were nonentities, we were discriminated againts,” said Ionel Garcia, a 22 year old member of the disabled basketball team, that participated at the VI National School Sports Games 2014, celebrated recently here in La Romana.

These boys with visual, hearing, physical-motor and intellectual problems come from the Dominican Paralympic Committee, who are given the opportunity to compete against other regions in the Dominican Republic in a variety of different sports including: basketball, table tennis and athletics. The chance to show their abilities has been life-changing to these young people – and in many cases this has been made possible by the donations of special “off-road” wheel chairs donated by the Walkabout Foundation.

“We seek social integration, awareness and that they can play any sport with rules adapted” said Lic. Virginia Vicioso, general coordinator of the athletes on special conditions. Which is also an objective the Walkabout foundation has.

The Walkabout Foundation was founded in 2009 by part-time Casa de Campo residents Luis Gonzalez-Bunster and his sister Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster with the aim to promote awareness of paralysis and disabilities and fund research for spinal cord injuries.

Photo credits to: Franklin Cordero

Walkabout FoundationAbout the Walkabout Foundation

Walkabout Foundation is a US and UK organization that focuses on funding research to find a cure for paralysis and donating wheelchairs to people in need.

Carolina’s inspiration behind the charity is her brother Luis Gonzalez-Bunster, who was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident in 1994, together they aim to spread the message across
 continents and educate thousands of people on Spinal Cord Injury, and make a real financial 
contribution in the fight against paralysis.

The question is no longer if we will find a cure but when.

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