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Visiting the Bank in the DR at Christmas – some tips to help you avoid the chaos!

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xmasChristmas season is unique and full of happiness, but the month of December is not a good time of the year when it comes to visiting banks. This is due to the fact that most of the time the Banks are full of people, who just like you, are trying to make payments or other transactions, making it almost impossible to get anything done quickly!

Dominican companies in December make several payments to employees (many more than normal) such as bonuses, double salaries, in addition to their normal earnings and it produces chaos. So for this reason do not be surprised if you find a very long line of people in the Bank! As a result, Bank employees are likely to be tired, somewhat slow and inefficient whilst other customers are moody and with very little, if any, patience!


1. Avoid the bank at all costs

but if you MUST visit the bank, these tips may help:

2. Go to the bank only when you have plenty of time – being in a rush will not help anybody!

3. Be patient (read a book, listen to music – do anything that will keep you amused!)

4. Just keep smiling – after all it is the season to be jolly!

Note: Bank opening hours are the same as all year long.

This article was written by Rosanna Ramirez Castro – a Dominican who understands how frustrating a Dominican bank can be!

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