Villa owners and residents of Casa de Campo enjoy a lovely Thai night at Chinois

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Last Friday the 18th of September the ‘Noche de Comida Tailandesa’ was held in Chinois in the Casa de Campo Marina and attracted a crowd of over 100 members of the Casa de Campo community (or better the Casa de Campo Living community). This wonderful, unique and very successful event was organized, executed and thought up by Susana Joa, owner of Chinois.

On the menu were a great selection of Thai dishes, and as the menu was in fact a ‘taster’ menu all dishes were served and shared, so that everyone had the opportunity to taste and enjoy the variety of different Thai dishes. To start, diners enjoyed thai rolls, chicken salad and shrimps wrapped in plantain leaves, all of which had been put together with those added special touches which turn a good dish into a great one. For instance, the thai rolls were served in a lettuce leave with basil and the shrimp were perfectly spiced with a blend of ginger and garlic. For main course, we all filled our plates from the selection of chicken Teri-yaki, lemon grass spiced fish, 2 different types of rice, and of course the Pad Thai dish, which all mixed together perfectly and left us all clamoring for more. The meal was finished off with the banana stuffed crepes, which were finished with honey coconut and lime, a perfect blend of flavors, which rounded off the meal nicely.

Congratulations Susanna! Having asked around, we know everyone enjoyed the evening and we’ve already heard many positive comments from people saying how much they enjoyed the food, the ambiance and chance to do something a little bit different.

We sincerely hope that Chionis, or any other establishment in Casa de Campo, will repeat this type of event and create some special events or special offers for Casa de Campo villa owners and residents to come and enjoy. Of course, we also invite all businesses to let us know of any events or promotions so that we may spread the word (yes, that means for free!).

UPDATE: Due to high demand and the success of the first event, Susanna has just announced that the ‘Noche de Comida Tailandesa’ will be repeated this Friday the 25th of September. To view the menu and to find out more click here.

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