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Each Vilebrequin Collection comes with a wonderful story to tell. This is my favorite one.

For the 40th year anniversary of the brand, they decided to support the Plant A Fish foundation for Sea Turtle Restoration along with Fabien Cousteau. Fabien is the grandson of noted ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, and founder of the non-profit organisation; Plant A Fish.

“Our initiatives empower and educate local communities through the action of “re-planting” aquatic species of plants and animals in environmentally stressed areas to make a positive impact. Plant A Fish partners with like minded entities including schools, businesses, government  agencies, as well as other non-profits to restore our one and only water planet.”

— Plant A Fish foundation

Now Vilebrequin has dedicated a unique product offering – the Vilebrequin “Plant A Fish” collection from which proceeds of $10 per item purchased will be donated to Fabien’s organization to help towards the restoration of Sea Turtles – the brand’s iconic symbol!

Three distinct designs which are part of the “Plant A Fish” collection are on sale at the Vilebrequin store in the Marina Casa de Campo – and would make a great addition to your beach wardrobe!

Vilebrequin is the perfect example that corporate social responsibility can be good for business and the community as well.

A Vilebrequin can be found right here in La Marina, Casa de Campo


Calle Barlovento, Marina Casa de Campo


• Sundays – Thursday, 10am – 8pm

• Fridays and Saturdays, 10am – 10pm

Tel: (809) 523-3333 ext. 2837

One man’s mission to save the marine turtles of Saona Island

baby turtle

Hawksbill turtles and indeed all marine turtles are nearing extinction in the Dominican Republic- but thanks to the tireless efforts of a humble fisherman from Saona Island, the numbers of these beautiful creatures are slowly increasing. Negro, who has lived on Saona Island all his life is a fisherman, a fisherman, who until 7 years ago was guilty of hunting turtles and their eggs- because many people in the Dominican Republic mistakenly believe that turtle eggs and meat can remedy erectile dysfunction…

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