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So, curious in having seen something about a Victory happy hour, we ventured to the far reaches of the Marina to the land of Victory to partake in what would no doubt be a memorable experience.

Sitting outdoors, enjoying the summer sunsets (which are not as dramatic as the winter ones), we began to order a few drinks. While the breeze cooled us from a hot day, the music in the background loosened us up and into the mood we got.  Right before our drinks came, a waiter brought to our table a selection of little appetizers – which where simply divine and hit the spot perfectly. Olives, fresh veggies, parmesan cheese and a few other little odds and ends – the perfect accompaniment to the refreshing beverages we where enjoying. 
While we expected to stay for an hour or so, as inevitably happens with good friends, good drinks and such a beautiful view – time began to fly by. Before we knew it, where ready to go grab a bite to eat, plus it was almost 9pm. We had enjoyed the full happy hour. 
Then came the bill. Now we all now Victory bar, and while we expected the happy hour to be a little more reasonable… we where floored when we saw the total. Considering we had had about 22 drinks, when we saw that the total was about US$100.00 we where even happier about the happy hour! At around US$4.00 ~ US$5.00 a drink, I believe that these might very well be the best happy hour prices in the Casa de Campo Marina!
In conclusion, we enjoyed the sophisticated atmosphere, the attentive service, the relaxed music – all while enjoying the sunset over the warm Caribbean waters.