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Varelli Celebrates their 5th Anniversary

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Celebrating their 5th year bringing art and culture to Casa de Campo’s Marina, Varelli Art Gallery brought out all the stops, showcasing a collection of some of the greatest masters in Dominican Art, including Jhonny Bonelly, Domingo Liz, Quisqueya Henriquez, Radhames Majia, Raquel Paiewonsky, Belkis Ramirez, Jorge Pineda and Fernando Varela.  It was truely an impressive collection of Dominican Art.

Making the evening even more enjoyable was the turnout of Casa de Campo guests and residents, all converging at Varelli to enjoy an evening of great art and good company, as is the custom here in Casa de Campo.

Present where a few of the artists, Fernando Varela and Jhonny Bonelly, both of which provided their thoughts and interpritations of their own masterpieces and those of others, to those who would indulge themselves in the pleasure of their insight.

This event was also covered exclusively by CasaLife Magazine, which will be publishing its coverage in their December 2008 issue, which we fully expect to have considerably better photography then we can provide.

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