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ugly bears need a home

This Sunday the 14th of February the entire world (practically) will be celebrating Valentines Day in some form or another – whether it’s ignoring it completely or going all out with gifts, romantic dinners and flowers. In the Dominican Republic it can sometimes be difficult to find ‘good-value’ nice gifts, fortunately for this Valentine’s Day Jumbo, our local supermarket has a great range of simply wonderful gifts on offer….

For instance for the bargain price of ONLY RD$45 (less than 2 dollars) you could buy one of these simply ravishing bears with flowers growing out of their heads – ‘Flower-Head Bears.’

Flower-Head Bear #1: Multicoloured with stuffing coming out of left arm and right leg. Affectionate.

multicoloured bear

Flower-Head Bear #2: Traditional red valentines bear. Cyclops. Looking for love.

red one-eyed bear

Flower-Head Bear #3: Red with blue nose and an extra dab of dried glue on the chest. Prefers to be alone.

blue glue bear

Flower-Head Bear #4: White with black patches. Lopsized. Full of love.

spotty bear