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Up….up….and away!! Chichigua Fest 2019

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Last Saturday the 4th of May Casa de Campo Living along with all our faithful Casa de Campo community friends enjoyed our third Chichigua Fest on the new Casa de Campo parkland. This year’s ChiChigua Fest truly was AWESOME – we were literally blown away by how enthusiastic YOU, our faithful readers were and we are just THRILLED that everyone loved it so much!

Although it’s very difficult to know exactly how many Casa de Campo families joined us on the new Casa de Campo parkland to celebrate the resurrection of our beloved event, the ChiChigua fest, we have estimated over 150 people were there over the afternoon – thankfully not everyone was flying a ChiChigua (kite) or that really would have been a little chaotic!

The event began at 2 pm; with residents, visitors and villa owners arriving at Vista Lagos with hoards of excited children and a variety of home-made and store-bought kites in tow: ready to spend a fun-filled day enjoying the juegos inflables from Afrotours and flying those kites up…..up…..and away!

Kites and kite-flying was, of course, the day’s main attraction and this year we had many home-made kites (ChiChiGua’s in Spanish), in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs! As always, some of our ‘kite creators’ (generally men) were a little over ambitious in their kite-making abilities – many with kites so large that were a bit challenging getting them to fly, but once the amazing feat was achieved they managed to keep them up for quite some time! Special shout out to Carlos Mella with his incredible over 7 feet tall kite and Ruben Gonzalez with his cigar themed kites! In general, however, nearly all of the kites did at some point make it into the air!

As well as all the kite-flying, one of Chavón School of Design graduate and former artist in residence, Argenis Lebron, joined us to run a ‘Kite-making workshop’ which was very popular, although it did quickly turn into ‘Argenis making kites and giving them to the children’ workshop – it seems the art of kite-making is more complex than we imagined, although many were excited to try!

The afternoon also involved a ChiChigua contest, which was divided into different categories divided into kids and adults that went from fastest kite in the air, to the best kite, and most creative! We are grateful to many businesses who kindly donated prizes for the contest! Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who came and supported the event! The winners in no particular order were as follows: Juan Félix Elmufdi, Eduardo D. Sarango, Alina Elmufdi, Johnatan Reyes, Rubén González, Carlos Mella, and Matías Elmufdi Antoni!

Of course, the afternoon wasn’t just about kite-flying – there was also an amazing playlist by DJ Kambax and FANTASTIC food! The food, although simple (burgers by TIMBI, popcorn, cotton candy by Family programs and pizza by Massa Food Truck) was wonderful – great taste, great price and just the thing to satisfy all those hungry children and parents! There were also various juice options by Rica, water bottles by Agua el Eden and refreshing cocktails by Tricibar.

Also, a popular attraction was the inflatable water slide from Afrotours which kept the children happy and refreshed, as well as a soccer dart which many soccer fans enjoyed; a giant plastic bubble which many rolled around inside of, the playground and basketball court were also very popular; and at the end of the afternoon a fun bubble foam party which resulted in many wet, dirty but extremely happy kids!

THANK YOU to everyone who came and enjoyed our Chichigua Fest 2019! It was a really great day!

In this post we would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors for their support in making this event a reality and for the amazing prizes: Costa Sur, Casa de Campo, Afro Entertainment, Agua el Eden, Rica, Crema Restaurant, Chinois Restaurant, La Cave, Andima Travel & Consulting, Party Town, Limoncello, Fun Galaxy, Mundo Sobre Ruedas, DJ Kambax, Luminos and Assist Card.

Below a collection of pictures taken during the Chichigua Fest 2019 by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, May 4th:

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