Fun and Games at Ninos de Cristo Orphange

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Fun and Games at Ninos de Cristo OrphangeThis past Sunday’s event for the kids went off without a hitch. The Casa de Campo community and friends alike came out to support La Romana’s Niños de Cristo Orphanage and have a day of fun and games. The kids ate pizza and ice cream, played soccer, basketball and volleyball, and laughed a lot as many tried to master the art of the hula hoop.

Drawing at Ninos de Cristo OrphangeThe incredible artistic talent of these young boys was apparent through their lively and colorful depictions of the outdoors, painted throughout the afternoon. Views of the sea, homes, and animals gave a nod to Candido Bido, capturing the beauty of the Dominican Republic in primary colors.

Community Members at Ninos de Cristo OrphangeStudents and staff from Abraham Lincoln and St John schools donated hours of their time interacting and bonding with the children, as well as other La Romana families and individuals.  Every child and volunteer indulged themselves happily and shared a pizza meal. The Widmann Family, from Cinco Gelato, treated everyone to endless amounts of gelato and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the day.

Sunday was an ocean of smiles and not a single person didn’t beam from ear to ear. We all took something very special away with us; and as much as the event was for the children and teens of Niños de Cristo, it’s arguable the volunteers were the most impacted. It is unexplainable the magic behind connecting with young ones who view the world in such a pure and simple way. The Casa de Campo community left with a touched and happy heart, but most importantly, with a commitment to ourselves and the children and staff of Niños de Cristo to return again soon.

A big shout-out to the wonderful event supporters: With over 35 pizzas we have El Chiringuito, Sushi Ya, La Locanda, Dominos of La Romana, Castillo Pizzeria, Pala Pizza, and Café Marietta to thank, as well as Pelicano Water and Eden Springs for sending ice & bottled water; Jorge & Zamira Widmann with gelato from Cinco Gelato, and Mike and Magda Zeller-McCabe with volleyball and soccer balls. Last but not least, Boutique de Bordado gifted students with 60 pairs of shoes donated from their ongoing project, “Bows for Toes” with Jatha Polk. It was a splendid afternoon and one we will not soon forget.

Basketball at Ninos de Cristo OrphangeWe hope more members of the community are motivated to participate in these outings in the future. Sometimes it’s easy to contribute financially for causes such as the Niños de Cristo Orphanage, but last Sunday was proof that a bit of our time, energy and love can go even further in creating memorable experiences that last a lifetime. The kids went back to their weekly routine knowing that they are truly loved and cared for. Those of us who attended, went back to our daily routines with a new found mission to fill these kids with joy, love and laughter as often as possible. We hope to see you soon in the next fun and games outing!

The following photos were taken during the Afternoon of Fun and Games at the Niños de Cristo Orphanage at la Romana, last Sunday, November 1st: