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For the first time in the country, the sculpture and the artistic portrait are united in a single message, in the exhibition ‘Dos en Uno’, to be inaugurated on Saturday, February 2, 2019 at the Altos de Chavón Gallery, promoted by the Centro Foundation Cultural Altos de Chavón.

The Dominican artistic photographer Herminio Alberti, and the American sculptor Mark Lineweaver, will present a black and white portrait and a sculpture of the person whose black and white portrait has been captured by the members of a select group of people, chosen for this event by the Foundation for these purposes.

The personalities that make up the visual richness of this exhibition are: Sr. Leonor Gibb, Mrs. Mary Pérez de Marranzini, Mrs. Margarita Copello de Rodríguez, Ms. Soledad Alvarez de Vega, Ms. Melba Segura de Grullón, Mr. José Luis Corripio – Pepín, Mr. Julio Brache Arzeno, Mr. Gottfried Bruhn, Mr. Luis Mejía Oviedo, Mr. José Armas, Mr. Félix García and Mr. Freddy Ginebra.

Mark Lineweaver is a renowned sculptor, whose main sculptures in Dominican lands are located in the Casa de las Hermanas Mirabal, in the city of Salcedo; For many years he has also a close academic relationship with ‘Chavón, La Escuela de Diseño’.

Herminio Alberti is a renowned artistic photographer with 6 published books and countless awards received both in the country and abroad. Four years ago, his 32 photographic works for Casa de Sombras remained exposed for two months at the Soumaya Museum, in Mexico City, in Loreto Square.

* Featured Image from external source, information courtesy of Chavón School of Design *

“Two in One” Herminio Alberti and Mark Lineweaver