turdurken casa de campo

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turdurken casa de campo

This holiday season Casa de Campo proudly presents the “TURDUCKEN”, a traditional recipe of a chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey! What an unusual holiday feast!

So seriously, this holiday season – why not celebrate the festivities with a TURDUCKEN instead of a traditional Turkey! (You’ve got to admit plain old Turkey seems so boring now!)

TURDUCKEN by Casa de Campo

WHAT?! A deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey!

How many? This mystical 3-bird creation serves up to 15 people

Cost: Like all weird, wonderful and rare creations, this TURDURKEN does not come cheap…..USD$450 per TURDUCKEN

Orders: Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance, call Casa de Campo on: EXT 2095

For those of you who enjoy feasting on something a little out of the ordinary, you may also like to try Casa de Campo’s “Suckling Pig stuffed with Mofongo” – click here to find out more! 

“Turducken” is also available at the La Piazzetta restaurant in Altos de Chavón on Christmas Day, Sunday the 25th of December, as a plated delicacy for only USD$35……

turducken la piazzetta

Inspired by “Tu-Tur-Key-Key”???
For those of you who are fans of the famous American sitcom “How I met you mother”, this “TURDUCKEN” sounds hilariously similar to Ted’s “Tu-Tur-key-key”, a turkey stuffed into a turkey, but unlike Ted’s creation (which turned out to be a flop) – we have been assured that Casa de Campo’s TURDURKEN creation is a delicious delicacy! I can’t wait to try it!