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The Shooting Center may be something of a mystery to a few Casa de Campo guests and residents, but this Saturday that all changes… The entire community is invited to explore and get to know more of what’s considered one of the best shooting facilities in the world.

Not long ago, Alex Brant recognized the center as “The World’s Best Clay Pigeon Ground” in his book, ‘The World’s Best Shoots’ thanks to the “challenging variations of each shot so the novice and expert alike can test their skills.” This Saturday, August 8th all Casa de Campo residents and guests are invited to join Jake Pike, Casa de Campo’s Shooting Center director, for an exciting day of friendly shooting competition at Casa de Campo’s world-renowned Shooting Center with fabulous prizes for the winners!

This will be a wonderful outdoor event, which will follow Casa de Campo’s strict Casa Cares health & safety protocols, including social distancing, extensive cleaning & disinfectant of all equipment prior to use, and only one shooter will be able to participate at a time. Reservations are required in order to ensure your safety, so please call to confirm your preferred time.

This is something we are definitely excited to try out this weekend! It’s a great opportunity to have fun, learn more of the shooting center, and embark on an amazing new adventure. Maybe even pick up the sport!

Hope to see you all there!

[Pictures from last year’s Dueños shooting event]

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  • All guests will have their temperature taken upon arrival.
  • Additional disinfectant gel dispensers will be installed throughout the center.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of safety glasses, weapons, golf carts, and equipment will be done before and after each use.
  • Additional signage and distancing floor markers will be placed throughout the store.
  • All instructors and shooting center associates will be required to participate in ongoing health and safety training and certification.

Find all Casa Cares Health & Safety Protocols clicking here.

Find all the details below.

Shooting Center