September is historically the ‘peak’ month for hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions – so NOW is the time to keep a very close eye on the weather. Although the Dominican Republic and Casa de Campo La Romana is not under any immediate threat – here we bring you news of Tropical Storm Katia, who will hopefully not bring us any trouble……

UPDATE: Wednesday, August 31st
It’s looking less and less likely that Tropical Storm Katia / Hurrican Katia will be heading our way! Still best to keep a good eye on here though – just in case!

Tropical Storm Katia – The Facts

  • Tropical Storm Katia is currently more than 2500 miles from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic
  • Tropical Storm Katia is predicted to strengthen into a category 1 hurricane by this Thursday , a category 2 hurricane by Saturday and a category 3 hurricane by Sunday – which will make Katia the second major hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane Season 2011
  • Currently Tropical Storm Katia’s predicted track takes her destructive power to the North of the Dominican Republic
IF Tropical Storm Katia sticks to her Northern track then the Dominican Republic and Casa de Campo has nothing to worry about, but before you go back to your sun-lounger and your piña colada, there are a few factors you should consider first:
  • On AVERAGE, a Tropical Cyclone’s actual path differs from it’s predicted path by 200 miles!
  • On AVERAGE, a Tropical Cyclone’s actual strength (ie. category) differs from it’s predicted strength by 2 categories!

What does this mean? – Essentially that right now, we do not know where Katia will go or how big she will be…..we just have to wait!

A prediction from the “Weather Channel”
This morning I was watching the “Tropical Update” on and although models used on websites such as and do not predict the path of a Tropical Cyclone beyond a few days – the weather channel predicts (or hopes) that due to a “trough” off of the coast of the States, Katia will follow this path:

A probable and hopeful path of Tropical Storm / Hurricane Katia

We suggest that you follow the movements of Tropical Storm Katia / Hurricane Katia closely so that you can be fully prepared, the below links are fantastic sources for keeping up-to-date: – The National Hurricane Centre – The Weather Channel – Great storm tracking device – the Dominican Republic’s official weather warning people (this one is in Spanish)

Twitter: We recommend following NHC_Atlantic – for regular tweets on Tropical Storm Emily’s progress.

For photos of Hurricane Irene in Casa de Campo, click here!

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