tropical storm isaac

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Last Friday the 24th of August 2012, the center of Tropical Storm Isaac passed approximately 150 miles to the south of the Dominican Republic, causing a storm surge of up to 5ft along the eastern coast of the country, which in Casa de Campo brought huge waves crashing into oceanside properties, the Teeth of the Dog golf course, Minitas Beach and the Marina Casa de Campo. Fortunately, the damage sustained to these areas was minimal and has in most cases already been completely cleaned up restored.

Originally predicted to impact the Dominican Republic as a category 1 hurricane, we awoke on Friday morning fearing the worst, but were lucky enough to discover that overnight (on Thursday the 23rd of August) Tropical Storm Isaac took a nosedive South. And so as Tropical Storm Isaac passed to the South of the Dominican Republic throughout the day on Friday, the weather conditions here in Casa de Campo, La Romana slowly deteriorated as the swell of the ocean grew in size and furiosity.

Click here to see our photos of the MONSTER storm surge on the Teeth of the Dog golf course!

Here we bring you an overview of the effects of Tropical Storm Isaac in Casa de Campo:

The calm before the storm: Casa de Campo prepares for the arrival of “Hurricane Isaac”

On Wednesday and Thursday the 22nd and 23rd of August, as Tropical Storm Isaac was predicted to hit the Dominican Republic as a category 1 hurricane, all across Casa de Campo preparations for the arrival of “Hurricane Isaac” were put into place. The most vulnerable (oceanside) shops, villas and businesses boarded up their windows and doors, whilst others secured windows with electrical tape and the IBC Shipyard in the Marina Casa de Campo executed it’s “hurricane plan” by evacuating more than 50 yachts into their dry dock. The above photo shows the evacuated Marina Casa de Campo.

Friday morning, August 24th 2012: Where is Hurricane Isaac?

Waking up on Friday morning in Casa de Campo to somewhat cloudy skies and an unusually rough ocean, but no rain or wind, we all thought that Tropical Storm Isaac was gone. The above photo was taken on the 8th green of the Teeth of the Dog at the beginning of the day, whilst the header photo (above top) was taken in the same spot at the end of the day.

Friday, August 24th 2012: The fury of the ocean

Throughout the day, a “choppy ocean” became increasing rough as a storm surge caused by the “passing” of Tropical Storm Isaac pounded the coastal areas of Casa de Campo, La Romana (as well as the entire east coast of the Dominican Republic). Remarkably, despite the evident fury of the ocean – the weather remained unremarkable, it was even quiet sunny at some points (I actually got sunburn whilst I was out taking photographs!)

The following photos show the mighty storm surge hitting various coastal areas throughout Casa de Campo.

Wave batters a palm tree at a private Casa de Campo villa

Giant waves sweep into the Marina Casa de Campo

Wave washes over the dock at the Victory Club, Marina Casa de Campo

8th hole teebox on the Teeth of the Dog

A private Casa de Campo villa in the Punta Aguila area

Waves sweep into a private Casa de Campo villa

Saturday August 25th: Cleaning up the Teeth of the Dog golf course

Although the Teeth of the Dog golf course remains closed whilst reparations following the damage sustained during the passing of Tropical Storm Isaac, it is quiet incredible how quickly the Casa de Campo golf department is working to restore one of the world’s most famous golf courses to it’s former glory. The photos seen below were taken at about 8am on Saturday morning – and as you can see the clear-up was already well underway. In fact reparations are going so quickly the course is expected to re-open by Wednesday of this week.

Restoring the 8th green on the Teeth of the Dog

“We lost part of the green #8, back tee on #8, the sand banks on #5 and #7. Our Dominican crew will have it back in shape in a few days.”

— Gilles Gagnon, Casa de Campo Director of Golf

Bunker surrounding the green on the 7th hole

UPDATE: The Teeth of the Dog golf course has no re-opened – click here to see more photos of the damage and the reparations!