Tropical Storm Gonzalo

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Tropical Storm Gonzalo

It’s been a very quiet hurricane season, so today with a tropical storm on the horizon it’s certainly time we all paid attention.

So with Tropical Storm Gonzalo predicted to develop into a category 1 or even a category 2 hurricane, where is Tropical Storm Gonzalo now and what can we expect over the next few days?

Tropical Storm Gonzalo

  • Maximum sustained winds = 60mph
  • Moving west at 10mph
  • Located 20 miles east of Antigua
  • A tropical storm warning has been issued for the Virgin Islands and the Lesser Antilles
  • A hurricane watch has been issued for Puerto Rico


As with all tropical storms how exactly Tropical Storm Gonzalo will develop and where he will go is unknown, however the following is predicted:

  • Will steadily gain strength over the next few days.
  • Could become a category 1 / category 2 hurricane as it moves north of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
Tropical Storm Gonzalo

What does this mean for the Dominican Republic?

Hopefully not much. The predicted track of Tropical Storm Gonzalo / Hurricane Gonzalo is now very northward. In fact it is so northward that it looks like he may leave the Dominican Republic completely unscathed… maybe we can expect blue skies all week after all?

Reason to panic?

Not at all. Looks like the worst the Dominican Republic can expect is some rain from the tail end of the storm, and maybe nothing at all.