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Halloween has more or less always been a controversial topic; some arguing it’s a satanic holiday while others implore it’s simply a fun festivity for the kids to goof off and dress up as fun characters. People may wonder if we should continue this tradition or simply not celebrate it at all. I, for one, am letting my son dress up and join in on some trick-or-treating fun, whilst also trying to educate him on the history of the day. Even though today is officially All Hallows Eve, or most commonly known as Halloween, Casa de Campo has been celebrating since this past Saturday, October 28th! Trick or treating is something I enjoyed and certainly have fond memories of – going around the resort in a bus full of dressed up children and stopping by numerous villas that would give us candy when we knocked on their doors and said “Trick or Treat!”. Things have changed quite a bit over the years, but it’s nice to see that the kids can still enjoy this fun tradition. Last Saturday, little ones were anxiously waiting for 4 pm to start wondering around the Marina, collecting all the goodies stores had prepared for them. The Family Programs department in Casa de Campo is now in charge of organizing this event. This is the third consecutive year that the activity takes place in the Marina with the support of most everyone. The stores were identified with balloons and some were so into the Halloween spirit that they even had some of their staff in costumes! One such fun participator was dressed up as a multicolored unicorn in a tutu! Kids costumes included superheroes, werewolves, witches, wizards, princesses, cats, mermaids, Doc Mcstuffin, ladybugs, ninjas, and stormtroopers. There was even one very original outfit I personally loved and it was a kid dressed up as a lamp! Talk about creativity. All in all, it was a beautiful parade filled with fun and laughter. It was great seeing kids running around the Marina trying to fill their goodie bags, pose for pictures for their parents, and color Halloween-themed images. What was awesome was seeing parents join in on the festivities, donning costumes to coincide with their kids. One family went all out and dressed as The Adams Family! Sadly, we don’t have pictures of them, but check out our gallery below for all the ones we do! Even though this activity is far from what it originally was when it first began, it’s nice to see there are still people who love Halloween and want to celebrate it. Our children are able to enjoy this holiday in a safe and secure environment, and hopefully not go home with any aching bellies! If you missed this Trick-or-Treating activity, make sure to attend next year and take a gander at the pictures below taken by Mariana Heredia, on Saturday, October 28th in the Marina: