El Jardin Animado

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It is many young girls’ dream to be ballerinas, and these ladies from the Elizabeth P. de Zeller academy are doing just that. Recently, they brought their ballet performance, El Jardin Animado, to the Altos de Chavón stage. Each in varying lovely pastel costumes, the girls displayed just what it means to be “animado”. We are sure it takes a lot of nerves to dance on the great stage of the Altos de Chavón amphitheater with the bright lights starring down into your eyes, but these girls showcased only beauty, grace, and bliss, as expected of any well-to-do ballerina. Performing some challenging steps, they impressed us with solos, duets, and group routines. With light movements the ballerinas pliéd, relevéd, turned and leapt across the stage in an exciting evening of enchantment. Their colorful jeweled leotards stood out among the bright lights, and floral wreaths transported us into the ideal setting of a garden. See the photos below to relive the magic. The following photos were taken by Mariana Heredia at the El Jardin Animado Ballet Performance on Saturday, December 12th: