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Toros del Este Visit MIR School Students

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Los_Toros_del_EsteOn Friday, November 20th, a representation from the local team, Dominican Baseball Winter League, Toros del Este, visited the Fundación MIR schools to share their life experiences with the students.

Los_Toros_del_Este_3A group of players composed of Fernando Abad, Hector Borg, Alen Hanson, Edward Cabrera and Jose Rafael Diaz spoke to the children about how they could achieve their dreams of being professional baseball players, and also imparted that only with effort and perseverance can a person achieve great things.

During the ceremony, Cristina Fernández, Director of the Elementary School MIR Esperanza, expressed, “The experience of having these baseball stars in front of our students, who were full of admiration and enthusiasm, was really significant. I know this will be an event the students will remember for the rest of their lives, and for us, it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage them to follow in their footsteps and pursue studies and sport with responsibility and passion.”

The event was held at the multi-purpose room of the MIR Esperanza school. In addition to their talks, the players of Toros del Este received plaques of recognition for their outstanding achievements with the team of La Romana.

The following photos were taken at the MIR Esperanza school during the Toros del Este visit on Friday, November 20th: 

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