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Top 10 spots to enjoy a Casa de Campo Sunset

sunset palmilla

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For our third Top Ten Tuesday, we’ll be taking you through our ten best places to enjoy a sunset in or around Casa de Campo, through beautiful Instagram pictures. Come along!

Sunsets are beautiful. There’s no doubting that. That is a fact. Casa de Campo (and its surrounding region) is a lovely and scenic place. Also a fact. So, from that, we bring you Casa de Campo Living’s third Top Ten Tuesday, letting you in on gorgeous spots in Casa de Campo or near it whose sunset views will take your breath away.

But here’s the thing – we usually write a lot in these Top Ten Tuesdays, paragraphs for each item, if not more. That didn’t seem fitting for this particular Top Ten Tuesday, with sunsets being such a calm, natural and beautiful scene. Clouding it all with a ton of paragraphs of this or that. For this particular Top Ten Tuesday, we can only recommend listening to some relaxed music (we’d recommend George Michael’s Careless Whisper), whichever you prefer, and observing the beautiful pictures shown below, courtesy of Instagram.


1. Minitas Beach

2. Palmilla

3. Relaxing at your private villa

4. The Teeth of the Dog


5. The Dye Fore Terrace

OK, so this isn’t a sunset photo, but look at it, just imagine how gorgeous it must be at sunset!


6. The Marina’s Paseo del Mar


7. Plaza Portofino


8. Bayahibe


9. Everywhere

There are some days when the sunset shines so brightly it lights up the entire Casa de Campo resort.


10. Altos de Chavón


Ah… That was nice. Take a drive (or a sail, or a walk, or a…) to any of these places, maybe have a picnic – you’re in for a real treat!

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