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Top 10 Casa de Campo summer experiences

Minitas Beach Casa de Campo

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For our second Top Ten Tuesday, we’ll be counting down the top 10 Casa de Campo summer experiences

Alright. Round 2. The sophomore slump. Numero dos. Here goes, the very second Top Ten Tuesday, in which we’ll be recounting our top ten things to do in Casa de Campo this summer!

Maybe you’re visiting a while, or you know Casa de Campo like the back of your hand – regardless, these ten activities are sure to delight!

1. Catch a polo game!

With the largest polo fields in the Caribbean, polo has long since been a part of “The Sporting Life”, and is Casa de Campo’s #1 spectator sport for good reason – there’s just something thrilling about watching the teams playing the good ol’ stick and ball! So ask around at the hotel and find out when the nearest game or practice is.

2. Enjoy a sunset at Minitas Beach

A sunset is always a delightful view, there’s no doubt. But there’s something about a sunset at Casa de Campo’s Minitas Beach – just picture it – the sky ablaze in red and blue, a drink in hand (we’d like to reccomend a good piña colada) laying back on a chaise-lounge, or maybe even the cool sand. Need I say more?

3. A jog on the Teeth of the Dog

Just look at that picture – the Teeth of the Dog, Casa de Campo’s first Pete Dye-designed golf course, is just absolutely beautiful, for golfers and non-golfers alike, so strap on your jogging shoes (do people strap those on? I’m not very sporty. Tie them on. That’s what you do.) – I mean, tie on those jogging shoes, and go for a jog through the course. Beautifully carved green on one side and swirling sea to the other, you just can’t go wrong.

4. Dinner at the Marina Casa de Campo

A cool summer evening and lovely dinner – that’s what awaits you at Casa de Campo’s luxurious Marina – you can get delicious pizza at Limoncello, a soothing drink accompanied by delicious “pop food” at La Morela, among other fantastic restaurants dotted throughout the Marina Casa de Campo.

5. Admire the flamboyán

The gorgeous red blooms of the flamboyán tree make for a fantastic summer view. They reach their peak blooming in the summer months, so keep an eye out and a camera ready!

6. Read CasaLife

Now, here’s a mighty fine poolside (or beachside!) read: our sister publication, CasaLife Magazine! The perfect magazine for the luxury life we enjoy here at Casa de Campo, pick up a copy and lounge in the sun and breeze without a care as you read up on the latest luxury lifestyle trends and events. Our most recent issue features an interview with Calixto García-Vélez and Willy Pumarol, along with several other delights to pique your fancy and make for a great read.

7. Golf Cart Adventuring

Taking a tour of Casa de Campo is a must for this summer – but car windows tend to block potentially beautiful views of sunsets, flowers and the sea. Golf carts remove that issue entirely, allowing you to breeze on through the beauty of the Casa de Campo resort. (Also, for a little bonus, in the picture above, you can catch Californian indie folk band Raining Jane, as well as Jason Mraz!)

8. Visit the baby turtles at Saona

It’s turtle nesting season here in the Dominican Republic, which means right now is your opportunity to not only see a baby turtle but to also cradle one on your hand! So set sail out of the Marina Casa de Campo to Saona island and Mano Juan village where you will find a small turtle sanctuary ran by a man named Negro… it’s quiet an incredible experience!

9. Mango Picking

Ah, mangoes – one of the sweetest, most delicious fruits known to man. Around the summertime, mangoes ripen into a delicious orange, to the point where, while jogging or golf-carting adventuring around Casa de Campo and you pass one of the many fruit-laden mango trees, stopping by and grabbing one of these immensely delicious fruits is always a good idea!

10. Water sports at Minitas

In those beautiful blue waters, you can practice water sports, such as stand-up paddle boarding, or go for a ride in a banana boat – the point is, with this summer weather all around us, there’s nothing better than a good dip in the beach and a good bit of water sports, and trust us, there’s nothing better than lying on the beach, feeling the cool breeze after getting all tuckered out from splashing about.

So there you have it, folks: our top ten summer experiences to have right here in Casa de Campo, see you all next time for Top Ten Tuesday #3.

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