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Top Accessories to Fill Your Closet in 2016

Accessory Trends for 2016

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Accessory Trends for 2016Our last accessory tip focused solely on necklaces that are trending for 2016, but this post covers the majority of accessories you’ll see in the coming year, taking cues from fashion’s enthralling runway shows throughout the year.


Crowns have made their entrance on the runways in varying shapes, colors and style, but regardless of design, they are rocking the charts in all areas of fashion. Ornate and embellished with golden flowers, or modern and sporty, this look is sure to steal glances to your best facial features.



Color, color, color, color! Next year we won’t be able to get enough of these vibrant shades coupled with bold and organic structures. Plus, forget symmetry! 2016 is all about being different.



Pieces such as the hardware and padlock necklaces give a post-apocalyptic touch to both contemporary and traditional jewelry pieces; in addition, to the heavy stone pendants in chokers and layers. This trend will playfully be coined as fashion’s next industrial revolution.

Nuevos Collares


Remember when fringed jackets and bags were all the rage? And trickled down to mass retailers over the years, well the designer runway shows are upping the ante showcasing fringed bracelets and ones that carry an air of the 80’s. Wear them anywhere on the arm, not just the wrist!

Pompoms have so far decorated pillowcases, handbags, and DIY necklaces, and now make their way to adorning your hand. Extravagant embellished bracelets, featured here in gold and bright red, keep your wrist from feeling too jealous of days when you wear your tiara. Lastly, stay on the look out for what’s known as fairytale bracelets with animal figurines and stars to remind you of sweet simplicity.

Whole New Bracelets Collage


Silk handkerchiefs, will make their presence be known in more ways than one come 2016. Accessorized into necklaces, scarves and even bracelets, they’ll be a focal fashion trend this spring. As well as Body jewelry, for those of you who prefer to make a full- on statement, these lengthy body chains cover torsos, ankles, and wrists & fingers. Hello summer 2016 style, we see you coming!

Accesorios Misceláneos

Clarlin Rivera – Joyería Contemporánea

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Clarlin Rivera - Joyería Contemporanea_1About Clarlin Rivera

Clarlin Rivera, was born in La Romana, Dominican Republic. She graduated from goldsmithing, jewelry design and color and style consultant in Syntra Brussels, Belgium. She is member of the platform for Latin American goldsmiths, Andes Joya. In her career, Rivera has done collective exhibitions called “San Juan Beauty Show” in Puerto Rico in her beginning by 2007. In 2011, a group exhibition entitled “Eindwerk” in Syntra Brussels, Belgium, and, finally, in 2013 with “RotaBazaar” in La Romana.

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