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Growing up in a Caribbean island, there was nothing I wanted more during the Summer months than to be able to go to a traditional lake-side camp in the US; enjoy campfires and make friends. I’m sure watching the Parent Trap movie one too many times had something to do with it! Likewise, my pen pals (yes… I had pen pals and we wrote each other letters and mailed them through good ‘ol USPS) really wanted to come over to my island paradise to enjoy our beaches and tropical life. So, imagine how awesome it would be for YOUR CHILDREN to get the full experience of “traditional camp” while in a safe, world-class resort like Casa de Campo, AND have the opportunity to improve in one or multiple sports they are passionate and skilled at. If that’s not the perfect summer, tell me what is! And so we give you all the details for the American Sports Academy (ASA) at Casa de Campo to be held this July in Casa!

I was a little too intrigued, so I met up with Marc & Caroline White, Owners/Directors of Kutsher’s Sports Academy (KSA), an extremely renowned specialized sports summer camp based out of Massachusetts to get the insiders scoop. Marc and Caroline have been the proud owners of KSA since 2004, and have been involved with Kutsher’s since 1980 and 1984 respectively. The couple met for the first time while at camp, and never left! Their love for camp and for specialized sports instruction brought them to Casa de Campo to open ASA, which will be inaugurating this Summer in Casa and giving kids age 7-17 the opportunity to spend a month in the world-class facilities, with specialized sports instruction all the while maintaining the essence and program you can expect from a traditional Summer camp!

Since there is too much to say about ASA to cover it all one article, here is my recap of the Top 10 Things to know about ASA in Casa this Summer:

  1. ASA is extremely affordable, with kids and teens being able to experience camp for just US$500 per week! This option, which does not include boarding, is perfect for families that live or stay in Casa during the Summer and want their kids to be in an amazing camp during the day. (Options with boarding are also available at US$1,800 per week)

2. Specialized sports instruction is at the heart of ASA. Professional-level, collegiate-level and high-school-level coaches anchor the sports instruction (basketball, baseball, golf, aquatics, equestrian, tennis, fitness and soccer available). If your child is passionate of one or several sports, he or she can design a personal program each week to include as much or as little of those sports as they want! Take a look at the list of professional coaches that are part of camp, including NBA star Tony Campbell as Basketball Director!

3. Academics are included too! The camp has a full time Academic Coordinator ready to put together a specialized academic program for your child!

4. English and Spanish as a Second Language (ESL & SSL) immersion programs are also available. If your child needs to sharpen up their English or Language skills, camp is just the place for them to do it at.

5. Have a not-so-little-one going off to college soon?! How about SAT prep classes? YUP! Those can be integrated in the weekly programs as well.

6. Not only do campers get a full sports instruction, but there are many recreation activities and games mixed into the formula as well. Kayaking, water sports, shooting, zip lining and so much more!

7. Designing their perfect week! Every kid makes their own schedule with the guidance and orientation of camp counselors. No one will be complaining about not having fun at ASA!

8. Super Sundays are AWESOME! Camp runs from Monday to Saturday BUT Sunday’s are the perfect day to run loose and have fun. Special Sunday camp sessions can be added into the weekly package and feature the coolest adventures around. This is the day all kids will want to be a part of.

9. What if your child STILL wants to have the “lakeside” camp experience? ASA & KSA are linked so your child can be in Casa de Campo two weeks and at Massachusetts the next two weeks canoeing, camping and sleeping in bunk beds!

10. Have more than one child? There are family discounts available!!! Contact ASA for more details.  

So there you have it folks, ASA promises to be the Summer experience every child and teen will want to be a part of. Not only is it extremely complete, it is also specialized and has incredible professionals at the heart of the instruction. The blend of learning and fun will ensure a once in a lifetime experience for your children. Feel free to contact Marc and Caroline. They are the sweetest and most amazing camp directors and are happy to answer all your questions!

American Sports Academy

Dates: AUGUST 6 – 13th 2016 ONE WEEK ONLY!

July 4 – July 30th 2016

Sessions are available in single weeks or combination bundles.

Week One: July 4 – 9

Week Two: July 11-16

Week Three: July 18 – 23

Week Four: July 25-30

Ages: 7-17 years old (5 and 6 year olds are admitted at camp during the day but not allowed to stay in camp accommodations)


US$1,800 per week with lodging at the Casa de Campo Hotel included

US$500 per week (plus Hotel Charge) for children ages 5 and up that have pre-arranged accommodations

Tel: (+1) 203-733-7890

Email: span>

About American Sports Academy at Casa de Campo

The American Sports Academy was founded by Marc and Caroline White, long-time Directors of Kutsher’s Sports Academy in New York and Massachusetts, USA, and by Spanish entrepreneur, Juan Carlos García-Cordero.

The concept was to bring the best of the traditional and specialty American camps to one of the best settings in the world – the 7,000 acre Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  They have created the ultimate opportunity both in training and environment for young athletes, ages 7-17, from all over the world.

The goal of ASA is to prepare junior athletes to “Reach the Next Level” of competition, whether it be middle school, high school, club, college or professional. A warm, fun, traditional atmosphere awaits the campers in one of the world’s finest resorts, perched on the Caribbean Sea with facilities and amenities unmatched by any other camp or school in the world.