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It’s time to once again dress up your carts! Today, July 4th is American Independence Day, so why not celebrate at Casa de Campo! While it’s not a holiday that is 100% celebrated in the Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo has become “home” to many American families that come to this island country to live or vacation. Our Casa Americans are no less patriotic than those in the “mainland”, and when the 4th of July, or American Independence Day, comes around, Casa de Campo gets festive as well!

Decorating your golf cart for the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE CART PARADE will be a great way to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Since golf carts are a preferred method of getting around the resort, a golf cart parade perfectly fits the atmosphere.

Be part of this fun Cart Decorating activity where the whole family can brainstorm creative ideas. THERE IS STILL TIME TO DECORATE YOUR GOLF CART! There will be prizes for the best ones and lots of fun!

The RED, WHITE AND BLUE CART PARADE will start at 5 pm at the Flamboyan conference center and wind its way through Casa de Campo before arriving at its final destination, Minitas Beach Club from where the 4th of July celebration will continue with a fireworks show and BBQ!

Family, friends, and neighbors will get together for live music, a delicious BBQ, Caramel popcorn, candy cotton, milkshakes, a special menu at the restaurant Minitas Beach Club, a fire acrobatics show, and get ready to see the night sky light up. It will fascinate kids and grown-ups alike!

To make this event a REAL SUCCESS and LOTS OF FUN we need our Casa de Campo community to take part!!

This will be a spectacle you won’t want to miss and the perfect way to start your week! We look forward to seeing you and your golf carts!

Casa de Campo 4th of July celebration

What: Red, white and blue cart parade 

Where and when: meeting point at the Flamboyan conference center, 5pm

What: Live music, BBQ, fire show and fireworks

Where and when: Minitas Beach Club, starting at 6 pm