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Tips to improve your home lighting

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To live in Casa de Campo is to be in a paradise, a place with beautiful villas both in its exteriors and interiors, with great luxury and comfort. We have available many ways to enhance the beauty of our homes, but did you know that light can make your home look more attractive and its a great way to complement your interior design? Lighting is not only important to perform your daily tasks, it is also the basis for your home to look amazing. A few changes to the lighting can convert any room in your home into your favourite room!

To some, lighting a room may seem easy enough: Plug in a lamp, flip a switch, and voilà! What was once dark is now bright. But certain missteps can cause a comfy space to feel off. Correct lighting is also able to make any space feel warm and safe. No matter the size of a space, how you light it can make all the difference in its function. Depending on what we want to achieve there are various resources and lighting materials that we can use such as:

1- Decorative or indirect lighting: allows you to highlight objects in a room either a piece of furniture, a painting, etc. For this type of lighting, it is advisable to use halogen lamps with regulator, we can also use auxiliary lamps, for example, a trick that will give style to your bathroom or dressing room is to opt for illuminated mirrors with sconces.

2- Appliqué lights are especially useful for illuminating dark corners, and these are a great option to illuminate in a uniform way. They are perfect to illuminate spaces that otherwise would be more complicated such as shelves, dressing rooms, or even certain outdoor areas such as terraces.


3– Focal light: which can be a very useful and ideal complement for spaces such as reading corners or study areas.

4- LED lights: It is said that LED technology is the future. LED is highly energy efficient – Less heat, more light, lower cost. The best option to save on electricity costs is changing your normal bulbs to LED, it is also very easy to do so because they are compatible with your current installation. 

When thinking about the flow of space, ambience and atmosphere in your home, lighting can be one of the most fundamental elements. Brighter lights can make you feel alert and awake, where as dimmer, softer lights can be relaxing and sleep-inducing. So if you are unsure of where to start in order to give your house a light makeover you can count on the expert advice of Henry Electric. They guarantee that your purchase will be your best option thanks to the quality of its products, its personalized treatment and consultation service on its entire range of products so give them a call.

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