sunset bayahibe

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There is no denying it – Sunset in Bayahibe is legendary. Since the new Autopista de Coral highway between La Romana and Punta Cana opened and has made travel outside of Casa de Campo much faster and safer, we have been able to visit this beautiful fishing village much more frequently – and have rediscovered the undeniable beauty of sunset in Bayahibe.

Over the last few months, I have been lucky enough to witness 3 awesome sunsets in Bayahibe – below you can see just one photo of the several hundred I took during each.

sunset bayahibe

Sunset in Bayahibe, #1

sunset bayahibe

Sunset in Bayahibe #2

sunset bayahibe

Sunset in Bayahibe #3

Pretty beautiful aren’t they? And these aren’t even my best photos – I like to save (hoard) the very best ones for our print publications (CasaLife, TODO Casa de Campo and TODO La Romana – Bayahibe).

So now that you have seen the evidence and no doubt agree that sunset in Bayahibe is indeed legendary, here are our top tips for enjoying the sunset in this wonderful seaside location.

1. Arrive on time.
Sunset will not wait for you! “Magic hour” (the best time to take photos and the most beautiful time of the day) begins even before the sunset, so to make sure you don’t miss it you need to arrive before “Magic hour” begins. Obviously the exact time for “Magic hour” changes depending on the time of year – but it basically starts 20 minutes before sunset and ends about 20 minutes after (in the Dominican Republic that’s between about 6pm and 7pm). Or if you are a real fanatic – there’s an app for that!

2. Stake out your spot.
Get to wherever you want to be for sunset early (see tip #1), relax, order a mojito or a beer and keep your camera handy. The best spots for watching the sunset in Bayahibe are:
The Cafecito de la Cubana
• Commodore Pizzeria
Mare Nostrum
They all have good food, good views and good drinks.

3. Get snap happy!
This tip is not exactly for everyone. Whilst some may prefer to simply watch and enjoy, for me the very best part about watching the sunset is capturing it on film. For the very best shots turn the flash off, hold your camera as steady as you can and just keep snapping. During a typical “magic hour” I can take as many as 500 photos – and because the light is constantly changing each one is different and beautiful in it’s own special way.

Now that Bayahibe is just a 20 minute drive from Casa de Campo – we hope to see you there enjoying sunset soon!

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