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Throwing things back to the 1940s with a tribute to the Buena Vista Social Club

Tribute Buena Vista Social Club

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We hope this weekend’s Fundación MIR Family Weekend brings in a crowd to Casa de Campo, as expected, because last weekend’s full house in the Marina was awesome! A tribute to the Buena Vista Social Club filled Plaza Portofino with dinner guests, dancers, and many passerby loving the Cuban rhythms coming from Julián Fernández and his accompanying artists.

Tribute Buena Vista Social Club

It took next to no time for kids to come up to the stage and dance, some girls in adorable white ruffle dresses, and in the case of a boy— a fantastic solo show! They were followed by a several couples, and a few extremely talented dancers. We were fascinated to watch how they glided across the dance floor in unison through the tempos of son, salsa, and jazz.

Tribute Buena Vista Social Club

Fans of the Buena Vista Social Club were aplenty, and if diners weren’t dancing they were singing in their seats. Popular songs performed included, “Chan Chan,” “Candela,” and “El carretero” and set an air of magic over the plaza. The Marina Casa de Campo hosted the evening with the participation of Le Spot, Limoncello, Peperoni, PubBelly, and 30Sinco, and Brugal sponors. Casa de Campo residents told Casa de Campo Living, “It’d be great if they did this every week!” We felt transported back to Havana and applaud the artists’ excellent performance.

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