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Casa de Campo Living’s third ChiChigua Fest (kite-flying festival) is happening THIS Saturday the 4th of May at the new Casa de Campo Vista Lago parkland. After weeks of planning and organizing – the event is nearly upon us and now we can finally reveal all the details (well most of them anyway…)

Our ChiChigua Fest is for EVERYONE – and even if you don’t like flying kites you’re more than welcome to come along and enjoy the sun, food, drinks, and the party atmosphere… REMEMBER TO BRING CASH!!!

What is the event about?

The event is essentially a ‘ChiChigua‘ or kite flying festival!  There will be a number of ChiChigua contests (details below) as well as an area to fly kites (separate from the contests), a BBQ and bar with a seating area to watch the kite flying or just to socialize and have fun!

There will be NO entrance fee to the event, or to take part in the Chichigua competitions. To take part in the competition you can register by emailing us at with your name, age, and if you will be using a homemade or bought kite. We are also hoping to hold a ‘kite-building workshop’ to help people build their own kites – materials will be included in the price of the workshop, more details COMING SOON!

The ChiChigua Contests

The contest will then be divided into 2 categories: Children – UNDER 15 years old and Adults, 15 and over.

1. The first ChiChigua in the air
This will be the MAIN contest – a race, whoever gets the ChiChigua in the air and flying first wins!

2. The BEST HOMEMADE ChiChigua

3. The most creative ChiChigua
We would like to encourage everyone to decorate their ChiChiguas with many colors, patterns, ribbons, in any way you can and we will award a prize to the most creative ChiChigua whether store bought or homemade! There is, of course, standard formula and art to creating a ChiChigua, but every ChiChigua is different and there are an infinite number of ways to design and build ChiChiguas, we will be awarding a prize for the most inventive ChiChigua design.

The Prizes

*UPDATED* We have not yet decided which prizes will be awarded for which contest, however, the prizes will be as follows:

  • 3 gift baskets by Party Town
  • Tickets to Fun Galaxy
  • Dinner for 2 at Limoncello
  • Dinner at Chinois
  • 2 dinners at Crema Restaurant
  • Gift certificate by La Cave
  • 1-month travel insurance by Assist Card
  • VIP Assistance in Avila by Andima Travel & Consulting

We hope to have more prizes – we are still waiting to hear back from a number of potential sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a prize please contact us by emailing:

NOT INTERESTED IN KITES? It doesn’t matter!

The spirit of the event is to get people out and about and TOGETHER having fun – so if you don’t want to fly a kite, you would be more than welcome to join us, watch the competition, enjoy a drink or 2, eat from the food trucks, get on the inflatables, a fun bubble party and more!

This year’s event is thanks to the support of a number of companies that helped make the event and the amazing prizes a reality such as Costasur, Casa de Campo, Afro Entertainment, Agua el Eden, Rica, Party Town, Crema Restaurant, La Cave, Limoncello, Chinois, Fun Galaxy, and DJ Kambax.

Casa de Campo Living was founded with the mission to bring the community together through storytelling and events. Let’s connect, and … “oh let’s go fly a kite!”