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La Terraza Tennis Center at Casa de Campo successfully concluded its XLIII Casa de Campo International Tennis Tournament, featuring around 180 players from various countries competing in the individual and doubles categories.

Dominican player Yerry Zorrilla was crowned as the grand champion of the tournament in the men’s individual category, winning a prize of 26,000 pesos.

Throughout the tennis tournament weekend, the sporting atmosphere at La Terraza became a space of camaraderie and enthusiasm among all present, who find passion and satisfaction in this sport.

Matías Territoriale, the director of Tennis at Casa de Campo, expressed his pride and satisfaction with this tournament’s edition, as it broke the registration record with around 230 entries.

Matías Territoriale, Tennis Director.

“I am very grateful for the support given once again by the participants, sponsors, by Casa de Campo Hotel under the leadership of its president, Andrés Pichardo and all the departments that got involved to make this a success,” said Territoriale.

Territoriale said that this year they had a novelty in the tournament’s scheduling, moving it from late August to July, which proved to be beneficial. The change in timing contributed to greater support, as people are on vacation during this season, making it easier for them to attend with their families. Additionally, the weather is better during this time as the cyclone season is just beginning.

Impressive Representation

The Casa de Campo International Tennis Cup is known for attracting high-level tennis players from different countries. This year, players from Puerto Rico, Belarus, Bulgaria, Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Guatemala, the United States (New York and Miami), and the Dominican Republic participated.

Olga Domínguez (white dress) from Santiago with her group of friends and family at the La Terraza Tennis Center in Casa de Campo..

Among the Dominican participants, there was a significant presence of players from Santiago, a province located in the north of the country. This group from Santiago was accompanied by their family and friends, who enthusiastically cheered for their players.

Mrs. Olga Domínguez was one of the enthusiastic attendees who traveled from Santiago to La Romana with a large group of friends and family to enjoy the tournament. She mentioned that her family has been attending this competition for over 10 years.

“The organization of the tournament was excellent, and so were the services,” Domínguez stated, adding that they already have the date reserved to attend again next year.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the massive support from La Romana tennis players, who had excellent performances and emerged victorious in several categories.

La Romana represented by the Union of Tennis Players of the La Romana Sports Center (UTEPOR (acronym in Spanish)).

The residents of Casa de Campo also showed great enthusiasm. Many members of the community attended the tournament not only to participate but also to take part in all the activities scheduled during the weekend at La Terraza.

Upcoming Projects

Matías Territoriale revealed that the Casa de Campo Tennis Department has several short-term projects to execute, which will elevate the quality of service offered to all visitors.

Among the infrastructure projects is the plan to build two paddle tennis courts, which will be added to the existing two. With these two new courts, they aim to meet the high demand from their customers.

Furthermore, they are considering constructing two pickleball courts, a sport very popular in the United States and requested by Casa de Campo’s visitors.

Territoriale said that the Tennis Department has the support of Casa de Campo Hotel for these investments, which complement the resort’s diverse sports offerings.

Regarding events, Territoriale revealed plans to hold a paddle tennis tournament before the end of 2023. He also expressed interest in organizing a children’s tennis tournament due to the growing interest in this sport among the children of Casa de Campo community.

Winners of the XLIII Casa de Campo International Tennis Cup

The Casa de Campo Cup has become a benchmark for tennis at the national level. The tournament featured players over 21 years old, competing in the Open, A, B, C, D, A senior, and B senior categories in men’s singles and doubles, as well as the A, B, C, and D categories in women’s singles and doubles. The winners are as follows:

The following photographs were taken by Mairobi Herrera during the opening and award ceremony of the XLIII Casa de Campo Cup International Tennis Tournament.