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Color spills out into the lobby of the SBG de la Marina in Casa de Campo on an 85-inch OLED screen. Radiating from a 3-D animation of a swollen, sloshing liquid that bubbles in vivid hues and musty pastels.

Quantum Memories uses publicly available quantum computing research data and algorithms from Google A.I. (Artificial intelligence) to explore the possibility of a parallel world by processing approximately 200 million images of nature and landscapes through artificial intelligence.

Anadol, 37, is a digital artist known for using A.I. to turn reams of data into abstract, spectral images, often on a large scale. To do this, it has partnered with companies like Microsoft, MIT, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

His work is also currently being exhibited at MoMA in NYC in an exclusive installation in the Gund Lobby.

The work Quantum Memories that is for sale is part of the Block Art Ventures – BAV (Instagram: @blockartventures) collection.