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On Friday, July 22, WAO Gallery Cultural Center located in Altos de Chavón, formally opened the exhibition Under the Caribbean Sea | The Antillean Manatee in collaboration with the Foundation for Marine Studies FUNDEMAR. In this exhibition, guests are able to see the process and emotions of Pepe, Juanita, and Lupita experienced on their way to freedom, each of the photographs exhibited reflects the injuries and adventures experienced throughout this journey and that love, dedication, and perseverance break all the schemes allowing to achieve great successes. The exhibition consists of 65 photographic pieces, which thanks to the collaboration of the professional photographers Melanie Müller, Marvin del Cid, Rachel Plekaniec, Ariel del Mar, and Rita Sellares, capture the adventures and challenges of Pepe, Juanita, and Lupita, the three manatees that have marked a before and after for the history of the DR in the conservation of this critically endangered species. FUNDEMAR is raising funds to continue working on the conservation of the West Indian Manatee through direct donations or through the purchase of a photograph during the time of the exhibition. The words of welcome were given by the curator of the exhibition, Margarita González Auffant, who was joined by Rita Sellares, Executive Director of Fundemar, who masterfully explained to the audience all the adventures lived with Pepe, Lupita, and Juanita, from their time in captivity until released. She especially thanked her mentor Idalisa Bonelly, founder of FUNDEMAR, and the late Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera, for their support, for their courage, and commitment to making the decision to free Pepe, Juanita, and Lupita. She also thanked the German Embassy and its representative Melanie Müller for the opportunity to work on this project. The cutting of the ribbon that marks the opening of the exhibition was in charge of Nina Lisenko, Director of Marine Resources of the Ministry of the Environment and Rita Sellares. This activity was sponsored by Marina Casa de Campo, IBC, ROMSA Technology, Patronato Benéfico Oriental, Ron Bermudez and El Catador. This exhibition will be open until August 8th, from Wednesday to Monday from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, so we invite you to come and enjoy an extraordinary photographic exhibition for the whole family. Photos were taken by Mairobi Herrera on Friday, July 22, during the opening of the exhibition Under the Caribbean Sea | The Antillean Manatee at WAO Gallery: